Instructor: Kassidy Hetzel
Phone #: 303-982-0206
Skype: kkhetzel
Cell Phone: 720-939-5365
Office: B 300

Course Description:
Of course, our main purpose is the creation of the 2011Arvadan yearbook. In order to do so, you will first learn basic design, tips for taking photos, how to research and write yearbook copy and captions, the legal responsibilities of a high school publication, and Josten’s Yearbook Avenue. The bulk of our year will be spent putting this learning to practical use in creating a yearbook of which we are proud and which our classmates like. During 4th quarter, we will prepare for distribution, produce the spring supplement, and work in teams on assignments designed to get a jump on the following year’s book. Through it all, this course will provide the opportunity to develop a great number of creative, organizational and interpersonal skills that a will be useful in later school and work experiences.

1. A 3-ring binder. I will be providing you with handouts to become your staff manual.
2. Magazines—some to cut up for mock layouts; some to use for page design ideas.
3. Steady supply of writing paper and implements.
4. Digital Camera with spare batteries. The more often you have it handy, the more “moments” you’ll capture. Our budget covers film and developing.
5. Notepad for caption notes (names, etc.) and to use during interviews.
6. Staff pass (once it is made, keep it in the classroom and wear it on all assignments).
Your quarter and semester grades will be based on the total points you earn on the following:

Deadline Assignments: Quality and timelines (photos, copy captions, etc.)
Other Assignments: 1st month practice, 4th quarter assignments etc.
Grading scale: Final Grades will be earned as follows:
A 90-100%
B 80- 89%
C 70-79%
If a student cannot maintain at least a 70% grade in this class, he or she will be removed from the staff and placed in another class 2nd semester.

Missing this class is not only detrimental to your learning but also possibly detrimental to the $75,000 (roughly) product we are charged with creating. The bottom line in most businesses is that if you call in sick too often, you’re shown the door. The same must go for this class. If you are frequently absent—excused or not—you may be placed on staff probation. If your attendance does not improve during the next quarter, you may be shown the door. I write “may” because sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control. If this is the case, deal with your absences responsibly (contacting adviser, making alternate plans, still meeting deadlines. Bottom line: JUST BE HERE!
If you can’t avoid an excused absence and you have a deadline, please call me that morning between 8:15-10:00
720-939-5365 to inform me of your absence and work out with me any details required in meeting the deadline. Remember, the plant will not change our deadlines if we have had some sickies; we still must turn in the required number of pages by the deadline or we may jeopardize the timely delivery of our yearbooks.

PLEASE be on time and at a desk (not a computer terminal) when the bell rings. Most of our classes will begin with a short all-staff meeting and everyone needs to be present. Habitual tardiness will result in the consequences outlined in the school tardy policy.

Behavior Expectations:
The 3 Arvada behavior basics as well as the 6 P’s are expected on a daily basis.
Be Polite Be Prompt Participate
Be Prepared Be Plagiarism-Free Be Persistent

WARNING: Failure to observe the 3 behavior basics or the 6 P’s will result in negative consequences including but are not limited to loss of participation points, the famous cafeteria duty, and my favorite calls home to mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, anyone who wants to know. I love to call home, so be expecting a few calls home over the year!

Classroom rules:
1. Follow the 6 P’s
2. Act respectively toward your fellow students and staff whenever you are performing yearbook duties.
3. Badmouthing fellow staff members will not be tolerated.
4. Bring what you need to class; locker trips are a waste of our precious time.
5. Don’t leave class in the first 10 or last 10 minutes of class.
6. Do not take irreplaceable items (photos) out of the yearbook room.
7. Keep our home orderly. No food or drink in the computer room.

Traditions: (besides never submitting late pages)
Help us develop and maintain staff traditions by being a willing participant in such things as:
1. Dinners
2. Birthday celebrations
3. After school work parties
4. Holiday festivities
5. Staff recognition
6. Staff t-shirts (we still need a design) (you will need to purchase this on your own for promotional reasons)

Closing Note:
I am thrilled that each of you are here! It is a new year, a new staff, and a new book; let’s make it a great one!

Mrs. Kassidy Hetzel