I, , understand the Yearbook is a uniquely demanding course. Serving as a member of the Arvada High School ARVADAN yearbook staff is both a privilege and a responsibility. Being a member of the staff means taking part in the composition of a paid-for document, which will serve many functions for my classmates for years to come. Because I plan to fulfill this great responsibility to the absolute best of my ability, I pledge the following: (please initial each expectation)
_ I understand that I may be asked to devote outside time in order to successfully complete assigned tasks by deadline time. I commit myself to making those times available (i.e. activities assigned to cover, after school work parties, distribution).

_ I understand the importance of the publication’s equipment and supplies, and pledge to treat them with respect. Should I neglect and/or abuse the materials, I will repair or replace them.

_ I understand the importance of my being in class every day since this class is more like a job and when I’m not there my work for the team does not get done. When I must be absent and we are on deadline, I will call the adviser to report my absence and make any necessary plans to ensure deadlines will be met.

_ I understand that I am part of a team with a shared goal and that I may be asked to go beyond my assigned duties to help a fellow staff member. I pledge to do all I can to oblige such requests and to do so willingly.

_ I understand that most of the decisions that the staff makes about this year’s book is top-secret and must not leave the Publications Lab.

_ I understand that we can’t have a great product if we don’t enjoy the process. Therefore, I pledge to remain positive even when under pressure; to keep lines of communication open with the adviser, editors, and other staff members; to not speak badly of fellow staff members; and to contribute to a fun and productive environment.

_ I understand that if I fail to meet the responsibilities of my position on Yearbook staff at any time during the year, I could be removed from the staff and placed in another class.

_ I understand that the Publications lab is not my personal hangout space. I am ONLY allowed to be in the lab IF I am working on YEARBOOK.

_ I understand that if I choose to use the yearbook fridge I will be responsible for its’ cleaning and upkeep.

Signed Date

I have read the above pages and understand my child’s commitment to the 2010-2011 ARVADAN Yearbook Staff. I will support my child’s participation on the staff and will encourage the lessons in responsibility, which the class will provide and demand.
I hereby give my child permission to leave campus and walk to Walgreen’s to drop off and or pick up vital yearbook materials during yearbook class. I also understand that in the event of an accident no blame or fault can be put on Arvada High School.

Signed _ Date _