English 12 Syllabus and Classroom Expectations
Mrs. Kassidy Hetzel
Office: B 300
Off Hours: 2 and 5
Email: kkhetzel@jeffco.k12.co.us
Skype: kkhetzel
Office Phone: 303-982-0206

Course Description:
English 12 intends to help higher level seniors continue to develop the ability to use and create written and oral expression. The course emphasizes the idea that you have many voices—that is, many ways of expressing yourself. At the same time, it means to help you read and hear the voices of many other people, including classmates, writers, filmmakers, poets, journalists, and playwrights. You will answer the questions “Who am I? Who are they? Who are we?” regarding these voices. These questions invite you to explore what motivates and influences writers and speakers, yourself included, and what and how people choose to communicate.
Expect to be an active learner in my classroom. While you will be a reader, writer, speaker, listener, you will also be a questioner, a recorder, of your reactions, and a speculator. You will become experienced in evaluating your own work and that of your classmates. One thing that’s common to all 12th grade English classrooms is we are all learning in two main areas: Making Meaning from Texts, and Creating and Presenting Texts, both of which are designed to get you ready for college composition.
If there is one magic piece of advice I can give to you, so that you may be successful in my classroom is: BE HERE EVERYDAY. If you do not like attending class, you will most likely not like me or this class. I DO call home regularly, I DO email home, and I WILL do what ever it takes to make sure you are successful in this class. REMEMBER you NEED to PASS this class to GRADUATE!

This is a college preparatory class, and so you will be graded like it is a college prep class. You will be graded fairly, but the little assignments will be graded and entered as small assignments, big assignments will be graded as big assignments.

1st Semester Units of Study:
  • Unit 1- Writing About Yourself
    • Genre: Narrative, Personal Narrative, Memoir

· Unit 2- Writing to Work
o Genre: Business, Casual

Tardy Policy:
I will be a stickler for tardies. I will not tolerate you being tardy. I find my instructional time to be very sacred and do not want to waste even a minute. You get ONE free one, the second you will lose points, the third I will call home and if there are four you will find yourself helping out our lovely custodians clean up the cafeteria during your lunch break!

Behavior Expectations:
Always follow the 3 Arvada behavior basics as well as the 6 P’s:

My job as a student is to be a productive citizen

I will act in a professional and respectful manner

I will only use my electronic devices when okayed by the teacher

Participate Be Polite
Be Prompt Be Prepared
Be Plagiarism-Free Be Persistent

WARNING: Failure to observe behavior basics or the 6 P’s will result in negative consequences including but are not limited to loss of participation points, the famous cafeteria duty, and my favorite calls home to mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, anyone who wants to know. I love to call home, so be expecting a few calls home over the year!
*Cell phones, pagers, calculators (with games) and other electronic devices may not be used or visible during class without an instructional purpose. Headphones may not be worn. I decide what the instructional purpose is. Bottom line (I see it or hear it I take it!)*

Class Supplies:
3 ring binder Note card 4 by 6 inches
Lots of loose leaf paper AHS agenda
Spiral Notebook Glue Sticks
A folder with pockets Markers
Pens and pencils Colored pencils
and a Jefferson County Public Library card

If you need additional help:
My office is located on the third floor next to the elevator in room B 300. My off hours are 2 and 5. I will also be available before and after school by appointment.


Extra Credit:
Opportunities to extra credit will be infrequent. Listen closely in class in order not to miss them!

To the parents:
Please sign the attached forms and have your student bring them back to me by August 27th. I look forward to communicating with you throughout this year about your child’s performance. Please return these pages to me, so that I know you have had a chance to read through my expectations for your child.